Be Unique. Be You. With Kraftly, Uniquely Yours.

posted by Radhika Chugh September 1, 2016 0 comments

Did you know that even if you are one in a million, there are 7400 people like you? In the age where everything trendy is readily available, being unique in itself is so unique and rather impossible. Every new apparel or accessory you buy (even if it is branded), lakhs of other people have the same products; and hence the same style. Isn’t it a weird feeling to come across someone during a metro ride wearing the same top, followed by a lot of awkward silence?

Kraftly is here to make everything uniquely yours. Literally! Every week new sellers are being brought on board with the Kraftly project. Every new seller has products unlike any other. Every seller’s flash shop will be available to you only for a limited period of time (Thursday to Sunday) and not later. And these products are exclusively on Kraftly. 

Our sellers will be putting unique products for a brief period of time only, and you would not have to burn a hole in your pockets for the sake of being different anymore. The products would be up on a pre-order basis, with a 3-4 week delivery time. I know that might seem a lot, but once you check out the merchandise, you would want it no matter what. I am excited already, and will be glued in front of my laptop every Thursday from now on. I hope you will too.

We go live at 11:00 AM on September 1st (Well, today). So check out the products here, and decide for yourself.

Be Unique. Be You. With Kraftly, Uniquely Yours!

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