Awesome Friendship Day activities to do with your bff

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By now, we are all well aware that Friendship Day is right around the corner. For the smart ones who don’t know, it’s on the 7th of August! The big day when you celebrate all the friendships and bonds you’ve consolidated over the years gone by. It’s the day you commemorate with your closest friends that you so proudly call “fam.” So let’s walk through some awesome Friendship Day activities you can do with your bff.

Go karting

On Friendship Day, you should definitely consider taking your best friend out for a nice race around a go karting circuit. This will definitely be an awesome activity to do with your close buddy/buddies and will leave you with memories you’ll cherish for a long time to come.go karting

Go for an awesome meal

Since you guys are best friends, you probably have a ton of things in common, one of them being food! So go out for an awesome meal to your favourite food joint and eat to your hearts content.



If you really want to make this day worth remembering, find a fun activity to do together! Book yourselves for a good round of paintball. Trust me, it’s an experience worth having that will leave you thrilled. Who knows, it may just had colour to your otherwise dull life.


A road trip

A road trip is quite a delightful proposition. You should definitely look at driving down to a close by vacation spot and just take it easy. Don’t forget your best friend!

road trip

A movie marathon

Call your bff over and just chill indoors. Grab a few of your favourite movies and host a marathon. We’re sure you guys will love watching re-runs of your favourite movies. Don’t forget to keep your favourite food handy.

movie marathon

Friendship Day is all about doing the things you love with the people you love the most! We strongly recommend that you try out these activities this year with your BFF. Do tell us if we have missed any interesting activities in the comments section below. Your insights matter!!

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