8 Thoughts Modern Women have while they fast for Karva Chauth!

posted by Ishita Kapoor September 26, 2017 0 comments

I never wanted to stay hungry & foolish. Never!

Snuggling on the sofa in my pyjamas, watching Game of Thrones, I was told by my mother-in-law – “It’s Karva Chauth tomorrow.”
Yes, I am one of the many fortunate women who get to keep the Karva Chauth fast for their husband. Of course, me staying hungry and thirsty for an entire day will magically lengthen my husband’s life.

It isn’t God who set all these rules for Women. It’s us, humans!
I can’t believe I am up so early to pray for my loving husband. These fasts keep reminding us women that we are born to serve, create and serve. Else how about our husbands fasting with us?

Well, Congratulations to all the husbands as your Life Insurance plan will be renewed soon. Karva Chauth is almost here and here are 8 Must-Read Thoughts Modern Women have while they fast for Karva Chauth:

1. Why is she wearing such Heavy Jewellery?

Is there a Fashion Show going on? I don’t get it hot women wear such heavy jewellery for occasions?

2. What is my blouse supposed to look like?

Backless or Embroidered Blouse? And what about my Saree or should I wear that Vibrant Festive Suit?

3. Will he give me a blank cheque or Credit Card or a gift?

I deserve a Blank Cheque though but I don’t mind a Credit Card to shop from my Favourite Website.

4. Will he plan a dinner date or a movie?

We were talking last week only about how I have to stay hungry for his long life but I still don’t think he would manage to plan a surprise date for me, I deserve it though!

5. Why should I fast alone?

Isn’t it time for us Indian women to leave the patriarchal custom behind?

6. Even if I eat when no one else is at home, how will anyone else get to know?

Yes, I can cheat a bit, it’s atleast better than spoiling my health with acidity and then be stuck with Farting all-day-long!

7. No Heels, really?

Well, you are right. I shouldn’t be wearing Heels. I can’t even faint!

Do you also feel that you belong to that majority of women who feels the same way? Write to me in the comments section below!

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