5 facts about Mahatma Gandhi you probably didn’t know

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Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most prominent historical figures known in the country. We know him better as the father of our Nation who led us to our Independence with the help of peaceful methods. If it wasn’t for him, there would have been widespread blood shed across the country before we gained our independence. Here are some interesting facts about Mahatma Gandhi you probably never knew! Check them out.

Nobel peace prize

Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? He was one of the most prominent peace preaching figures of the 20th Century but he never really got to win the prize.


British honorary stamp

Almost 21 years after his passing, Great Britain honoured him with a stamp in his name. Imagine being honoured by the country you’ve fought tirelessly to get freedom from. You truly have to be a respected figure to get a tribute like that.


Followed by Steve Jobs

Did you know that Steve Jobs was a big fan of Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, he was so influenced by Gandhi that his signature glasses were also inspired by him. Quite shocking isn’t it?


Had major roads named after him

He had almost 53 roads named after him in India and to my surprise, 48 roads outside of the country. I wonder where these 48 roads lie. Get your maps out!


Gandhi museum and his remains

The Gandhi museum contains all his memorable belongings post his death on 30 January, 1948. You won’t believe this but they also preserved his clothes from the day he was shot dead. Makes you think, doesn’t it?



I hope you had fun learning these lesser known facts about Mahatma Gandhi. Do tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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