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18 Types Of Heels Every Woman Needs to Know about: Your Shoe Guide

posted by Imtimenla Jamir January 23, 2017 0 comments

‘High heels empower women in a way’ Christian Louboutin. If you take your fashion seriously, there is no way you can ignore one of the most vital parts of your attire every time you dress up – your shoes. You may be a sneaker head but you cannot disregard that heels give you confidence and elegance. Heels, their purpose is not just to make you taller or give your legs a fit and leaner look but they are more than that; for almost every woman, they are essential.  They have always been a woman’s obsession and one must invest in heels that are comfortable to wear, easy to balance in and chic to take it around anywhere. Many of us are pretty clueless when it comes to picking out the right kind of shoe for ourselves, maybe because we don’t know the various types of heels that exist or we just don’t know them by names. knowing your heel definition is important, so here are a list of a few heels to ace your heel knowledge.

1. Stilettos:

The word ‘stilettos’ means small metal dagger and are defined by long, sharp heels. They are the highest of all the heels and can rise up to 8 inches. It can get difficult walking in them and you might have to work hard to master how to walk in stilettos, but once you do, there is no turning back. Wear them to nail a formal party.

2. Pumps

Pumps are lower than stilettos, usually between 2 and 3 inches in height and are typically low cut around the front. You can wear these babies anywhere and they literally go with any outfit you choose from dresses to skirts to denim, you name it.

3. Wedge Heels:

Though the height may be similar to that of stilettos or other high heels but wedges are one of the most comfortable among all of them. There is no separation from the heel to the sole, thus they offer more support and prevent you from staggering like the other sharp heels do. It goes great with skater and sporty dresses and jeans.

4. Wedge Sandals:

Wedge shoes are of two different types: wedge heels and wedge sandals, both of which have the same type of heels but like the name suggests, the upper portion of wedge sandals have a more open sandal-like structure. If you love retro then you might be loving this wedge as it gives a very retro chic vibe so you can team it with a flared pant or high rise mom jeans and pleated skirts.

5. Kitten Heels:

When it comes to heels, it is always safer to wear something that you’re comfortable in than to go for something where you would look like a hopping grasshopper. That’s when the kitten heels rescue you, which comes in small comfortable heels. They are great for work and even casual outings where you have to be in these shoes for a while, giving the perfect blend of comfort and style.

6. Cut Out Heels:

Cut out heels are any type of heels where a portion of the upper part is cut out, either in sections or in patterns. These heels are gorgeous, high on fashion, and if you want to explore the cool and funky side of high heels then you should buy one right now. They go excellently with all kinds of outfits.

7. Sling Back Heels:

These are ideal if you want elegance and stability in your high heels. The sling back heel gives you support with a nifty strap that hooks around the back of the Achilles heel. They look amazing when paired with a midi dress, flared skirts and formals. This heel is going around the street-style look with a high waist and distressed jeans and they are owning it.

8. Cone Heels

Like a cone, these heels are Wider at the sole of the foot and narrower at the base, giving you the right amount of stability. They go well with formals, midi skirts, and even with a sporty dress and mini skirts.

9. Platform Heels:

The key element that sets these heels apart from other heels is the base of the shoe which is wider and thicker. This might be the reason why many find this high heel comfortable as the difference between the top of the heel and the bottom of the sole is less, making it easier to walk in. These heels look greats with smart fitted suits and classy bodycon dresses.

10. Ankle Strap Heels:

You want to look stylish in high heels yet troubled about the pressure involved in wearing it, as it a task to wear high heels for a long duration, then these heels are your relief ticket. The strap that goes around the ankle makes the heel more secure and comfortable to walk. Dress it down with a pair of denim, shirt dress or even short and joggers pants.

11. Sandal heels:

These heels are like slip-on or any other sandals with an additional heel that can be any of the heel types listed in this post, with variations in height. You can wear them with absolutely anything, from maxi’s to semi-formals to jeans to jumpsuits.

12. High-heeled Boots:

This is one classic pair you should be investing in. These are normal boots that can reach up to your knees or thighs with high heels. Pair these babies under or over your denim the traditional way, or dress it in a chic dress or a skirt or even leather skirts like your favorite blogger does.

13. Ankle Booties:

These booties are the shorter version of high heeled boots. With its comeback in the last few years, ankle booties are this season’s favorite. Best part, you can wear this booty around summer and autumn as well. Wear them with a dress and denim shorts and with rolled denim, skirt and stockings or an over-sized sweatshirt with leather pants during winters.

14. Peep Toe Heels:

Peep toe heels come in all shapes and size and are the best pair of heels to show your well-manicured nails through the little gap near the toe. Some call it a teaser by the way they reveal a couple of toes. Peep toes are work best work with a leather outfit, tight fitted midi skirts and even with some formals.

15. Corset Heels:

Corset heels are those where the two sides of the upper part are tied together like a normal corset. They are one of the season’s best pick and looks great with casual outfits. Try it with a loose shirt and rolled denim or on a denim on denim look and smart formals.

16. Chunky Heels:

These heels have a wider base, normally in squares. Chunky heels are more comfortable than the stilettos and high heels, which is why people who have to be in heels for a long time prefer them. Chunky heels could be your best option for office and college wear. They look good with skirts, stressed denim and chic formals.

17. Oxford Heels:

We loved the traditional flat base oxford for its sophistication and back to school vibe and accept the addition twist with the heels with open arms. They look ravishing with normal denim, well-fitted skirt, pleats and rolled up blazers and high waist pants.

18. Mule heels:

Mules were a big thing in the 90’s with a half open and half closed top. With a difference in the length of its heel, you can have an open or close mule and they are having a major comeback. Don’t be surprised if it is the most worn footwear this season or the next, with all the designers going for them. Given its styling mule heels work best with rolled up jeans and skirts. Pair it with a flared pant and basic tee or a high rise jean, shirt and a trench coat or team it up with a nice top tugged inside a skirt and a jacket.

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