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These 17 Brave Individuals are Breaking Barriers, this Women’s Day!

posted by Ishita Kapoor March 8, 2017 0 comments

Every year, we pledge to work towards equality and empowerment, but everything remains the same. Wearing short clothes? Must be immoral. Working late hours? She’s inviting rape. Drink & smoke? She’s not marriage material. This year, let’s stop telling women what they can or can’t do. Whatever they do, it’s THEIR choice.

Let’s stop telling our mothers, sisters and wives what they can and cannot do. Women from all over get together to break these gender stereotypes, will you?

Take a look at how these 17 Brave people are Breaking barriers, this Women’s Day and Being Bold For Change!

1. I am a MAN, and I’m proud to have been raised by strong women. I am what I am because of strong women in my life. I am a Man, and I support feminism, do you?


2. I am not afraid of your judgements, I am not afraid of your opinions. Stop judging, stop caring. I’m strong, I’m powerful, I am Me, I am a Woman and you don’t scare me.


3. My bra straps are a piece of clothing, don’t sexualise them. Yes, they’re showing, so what? A piece of clothing is not an invitation for you to do anything. Let Me Be.

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4. I’m smart and I’m independent, I work and I earn, don’t get my gender in between.


5. There’s a stigma attached to women travelling alone in our country, I can take care of myself, I like being with myself, it’s time YOU stopped making our country an unsafe place for me. Let me be.


6. My name is my identity, I’m not asking you to change who you are for me, so don’t expect me to do so for you.


7. Being married to you doesn’t give you the right to have sex with me. I can and will say no when I want to. Respect my decision and my choice.


8. Having become a mom at a young age, I was expected to quit my job and raise my baby. Why? I can and am doing both the things, my husband has stepped up and is taking an equal part in my daughter’s upbringing.


9. Don’t call me opinionated, don’t call me a bitch. I’m strong, I’m independent, I’m well read and informed. My opinions matter, I matter. Don’t be threatened by me having my own thoughts.


10. I am a woman, and I don’t want to have kids. No explanation required.


11. Don’t tell me what I can and cannot wear, my clothes are not an invitation to you. Whether a bikini or a saree, it is MY choice.


12. Having multiple male friends doesn’t mean I’m immoral or that I’m sleeping with all of them. Stop judging!


13. Don’t condescend, don’t mollycoddle, let me fight my own battles, I’m strong enough to do so, are you strong enough to let me be?


14. Just because I’m married, doesn’t mean I’m not responsible for my parents. My parents are as important as yours, I can and will always take care of them. I am what I am because of them, don’t take that away from me.


15. 20 or 30, man or woman, you don’t HAVE to get married. I’ll get married when I WANT to, stop trying to fix me up, I’m strong enough to be happy with myself, why does that scare you?


16. My periods don’t make me dirty, my periods don’t make me impure, YOU exist because women menstruate. It’s not taboo, and we can talk about it. If I want to worship my god while on my period, how dare you stop me?


17. Don’t tell me that I can’t stay alone because this is an unsafe place for women, teach your sons and brothers to NOT make this an unsafe place for women.


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