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10 Types Of Dresses For Different Body Types

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There are several types of dresses in this world, but none quite as powerful as the one dress that flatters you. I am someone who prefers classics over everything else, and as I begun to wear dresses and skirts more, I have learned that there are different dresses for different body types. I have never really given much thought about this, but some dresses seem to flatter some shapes than other, have been noticing that a lot lately. Thus, this post can be good information so you can choose what is most flattering for your body. Also, I admire Karl Lagerfeld not just for his contribution to the Fashion industry but also for his constant bold and unabashed statements, here’s quoting from the legend on modernity and clothes “I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.”

1. The Maxi Dress:


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The maxi dress made its debut in the late 1960’s with its heyday in the 1970’s. Often, maxi dresses gather just below the bust and then sweep to the floor, keeping its length as the hallmark. One looks effortlessly glamorous in maxi’s and is suitable for all your errands from brunch meetings with friends to an informal date. And the best part about it is that while you look stylish in it, it also keeps you comfortable throughout. I personally love maxi’s but I am very peculiar about the print I pick to wear, as one have to be careful if you are a petite woman like I am, you just have to pick a smaller print if you’re short. Thankfully, maxi’s are for everyone.

Body Types:

They are especially good for women who have a long torso or slim and rectangular body.

Style tips:

During summer, all you need is a nice pair of gladiator sandals to make this dress work. And when the weather becomes colder, grab your combat boots and leather jackets.

2. The Wrap Dress:

A wrap dress flatters virtually every figure as the dress or fabric can be fastened around. It gives you this amazing figure-flattering bodice with a sash that minimizes the size of your waist. It pulls attention to a woman’s lovely curves, in a delicate feminine way. And depending on your height you can decide the length of your dress. This dress can take you to fancy parties to travel to a dinner date and even a lazy day in the park.

Body Types:

Wrap dresses look particularly good in a pear shape body and an hourglass, as they accentuate the small waist a woman with a pear shaped body has.

Style tips:

You can simply wear this dress with a strappy heel, pointed stiletto court shoes and a matching tote. Keep the accessory minimal with a short neck piece around and a classic watch. For colder days, pull out your coats, thigh and ankle length boots.

3. The Mini Dress:

The best way to flaunt your legs is by slipping in one of that gorgeous dress whose hem ends way above your knees. Yes, I am referring to those sexy mini dresses. It is summer’s favorite outfit for almost every girl especially if you happen to stay in one of those countries where summers are particularly long and humid. For everyday errands, I wear one of mine, swirl my hat and take on a gladiator or a sneaker and I am good to conquer the world. Oh did I tell you, it’s excellent for petite size woman?

Body Types:

Petite women do not have the long legs that other #women do but mini dresses can accentuate their legs and make them look longer. Mini dresses are all for petite and short women, though it doesn’t mean that tall women can’t wear. They look equally flattering!

Style Tips:

Take out your nude heels for a date night or a wild weekend out. Otherwise, team it with strappy flats, gladiators, white sneakers or one of those classic Chuck Taylor shoes. Add a sling bag and some accessories depending on the occasion or your mood(if you’re moody like I am)

4. The Shirt Dress:

In the 1950s, shirt dresses were quite popular and featured full knee-length or slightly below-the-knee-length skirts. Today’s shirt dresses are similar and it is one of those classic pieces one can wear anytime, especially if you are an adventurous and sporty one. Wear it to your shopping spree, girlfriend’s brunch meet or to a lunch date. But It is best to choose this dress only if you are fairly satisfied with your figure as it is not a dress that offers a lot of camouflage.

Body types:

Shirt dresses look best in hourglass body shape but rectangular and petite women can also wear them, with the right accessory and footwear.

Style tips:

Shirt dresses require more of your ability to carry it. keep it simple and easy going with a hat, ankle length converse shoes and multi-stranded necklace. Also, put a belt around it or take on a scarf and pearls to keep it classy.

5. The Sheath Dress:

This dress doesn’t need much accessorizing as it looks best when kept plain and simple. It is worn mostly as formals by working women and politicians. This dress gives you the appeal of an overly sophisticated and chic personality, no wonder it is loved so much.

Body Types:

Though sheath dress can be worn by most body types, it is a good choice for an apple figure, the key to making this work for your apple figure is to make sure that you do not choose a dress that is too small. Looks amazing on the hourglass and curvy women.

Fashion Tips:

Pair it with classic black pumps and a blazer for the office, and strappy heels and a statement necklace for cocktail affairs.

6. The A-Line Dress:

A-line dresses are universally flattering, looks good on almost everyone. Which is a good news for most of us! You can carry this dress anywhere, such is its versatility, as the flared at the hem gives that stylish appeal.

Body Types:

This dress is often favored by women that have the advantage of height. And looks good on both apple and pear shapes as well, though it might not flatter petite as much.

Style Tips:

This dress is best worn without many accessories. Just add classy stilettos or an ankle boot and few rings and you’re good to go. You can even carry a scarf with this.

7. The Peplum Dress:

Peplum dresses have a frilled ruffle attached at the waist over a narrow skirt that extends till the knees. It works wonders as formal wear and depending on the styling you can wear them out on your date nights and dinner parties.

Body Types:

Peplum can work amazingly if you have a broad shoulder because the flare at the hips can help you to find some balance. The wider flare hip equals out your naturally broad shoulders. It works like magic for curvy girls. And if you want to create the illusion of a slimmer upper body, go for a bottom featuring colored or patterned peplum. Try to avoid designs with extra-large poofs on the area of the hips.

Style Tips:

If your peplum is ladylike and you want to go for a bolder chic look then accessories should contrast with the ladylike vibe—choose an edgy metallic clutch or a bright stiletto. Pointed stilettos and statement clutch work as an ideal partner with minimal to no accessories.

The Flare Dress:

Like the name indicates, flare dress is one that is flared from the waist down. This classic 1950’s contour feels just as in style today. It is a trophy to any wardrobe.

Body Types:

Ideal for hourglass and well-toned body with a flattering waist. It looks normally good on taller women because of the flares and might not work well for women with plump legs and waist.

Fashion Tips:

For a date or meeting your girlfriends look pair it with ballet flats and for a more casual tomboyish look, a nice sneaker would work well together with a fancy backpack and a cap. For an evening, this style of dress would look perfect with a pair of jewel-toned satin pumps and a light stylish scarf for a colder evening.

The Shift Dress:

Though it has its favorite body shape to adorn, this dress is one that will not disappoint any woman. These can come up with any hem length, sleeves or sleeveless and mostly it is very comfortable with an easygoing yet stylish essence.

Body Types:

It typically flatters every body shape. Close your eyes and grab your’s girl!

Fashion Tips:

Shift dress will work well with chokers and hat and a sneaker or gladiator sandal for a boho chic look. You can also wear strappy heels and ankle boots or even nice casual flats. Carry a sling or a leather backpack, multistranded necklace and layers of bracelets.

The Slit Dress:

With an undeniable aura of sexiness around it especially the high thigh slit ones. It can be totally tasteful and subtle — when done the right way, of course. So if you’re ready to show a little leg you’re game on.

Body Types:

Works excellently on women with slender legs and tall girls. Even average height women can flaunt, we just need the attitude, don’t we!

Fashion Tips:

For a party wear pair it with high heels and stilettos to look tall. And for a more casual look flaunt a high gladiator or a signature white Chuck Taylor and accessorize it to your heart’s content. Be the boho queen!

Ladies, don’t take it too hard on yourself! These are only guidelines. Every woman’s shape is different and beautiful in its own way and let the world scream in disagreement but she needs to wear what she desires and feels most comfortable in. Which is your favorite type of dress and why?


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