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10 Things That Make India ‘Uniquely Yours’

posted by kraftly January 26, 2016 0 comments
India Uniquely Yours

India is unlike anything else – and no one knows it better than we do! From handicrafts and clothes to the food and languages, everything about our country is unique and special in its own way.

You might know great places to shop in and around your city, but the best of products that create an impression are found in tiny stores in the hidden corners of our markets, in the real world as well as our online marketplace. Although if you ask a die-hard seasoned traveler where to find the most exquisite Indian goods and crafts, you still are sure to get surprised by shopping gems you never knew about.

With art and craft that stems from our rich cultural heritage, it is no secret that Indian handicrafts are few of the most prized and loved household items that people shop for. Here are a few that we just absolutely love:

1) The Northern Wool
Woolen handicrafts from Kashmir and Kullu – with probably the most famous shawls and embroidered carpets in the world – have always kept us warm, cozy and always in style.

2) The Pink City Love
The handlooms and crafts of Rajasthan – textiles, handmade furniture, leather crafts, quilts, blue pottery, precious stones and jewellery – are few of the most popular in the world.

3) Bihar’s Madhubani
Madhubani paintings and folk embroidery are easily the most loved pieces of art from the state of Bihar.

4) The Uttar Pradesh’s Uniqueness
Chikan embroidery from Lucknow and silken saris from Varanasi are not only worn all over India, but also exported from Uttar Pradesh to all over the world for their quality and authenticity.

5) Tribal Artifacts
Painted artworks and sculptures from the Pardhan Gond tribes of central India have recently developed a contemporary market for themselves – as has happened for the Pattachitra, Warli and Tanjore forms of ancient paintings.

6) Kerala’s Metal Work
Bell Metal works from Kerala have been a traditional art form for centuries, and handicraft items from the state are bought for their originality and use.

7) Goan Jewellery
Shellwork like jewellery, lampshades or even mirrors from Goa and other coastal areas is something we love keeping in and decorating our houses with.

8) Assamese Delight
Terracotta works from Assam – statues, figures, designer artifacts, toys, dolls, pots, vases made from mud, clay and earth – bear a striking resemblance to the ancient culture of the area.

9) Southern Sandalwood & More
Exquisite wood carvings, coconut crafts, special stone and sandalwood crafts, and Kanjeevaram sarees are the most wanted items of handicrafts from South India.

10) The Mirror of Gujarat
Gujarat produces one of the finest clothing styles in the world – Bandhini, or tied and dyed fabrics with mirror work and tribal designs are very sought after.

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