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10 Signs That You Hate Your Sundays

posted by kraftly March 6, 2016 0 comments

While Sundays are “sold” as the best day of the week to catch up with personal work, friends, and family–there are many who’d vote it as the worst day of the week! No matter whether you see the glass as half empty or half full, Sundays inadvertently leave you with the same feeling that you got on your last day of summer holidays, growing up.

Still not convinced? Just look for these signs to see if you’re a Sunday-hater. ;-).

hate sunday 1

Because You’ve To Go Grocery Shopping

Sundays are typically those days when you have big grocery and shopping lists to complete. But you don’t want to miss out on that game on TV for such time-consuming grocery shopping, do you?

hate sunday 2

When The First Day Of The Month Is A Sunday

The stressful wait for your salary is at its worst when the first day of the month is a Sunday. Especially if you’ve run out of cash, an extra day of waiting can turn out to be very daunting.

hate sunday 3

Because You Hate Not Going To The Gym

Do you feel lost or disillusioned when your gym is closed on Sunday? If you do, then chances are that you clearly hate your rest day.

hate sunday 5

Because It’s The End Of The Weekend

Let’s be honest – the most annoying thing about a Sunday is that horrible feeling of realizing that next to come is a Monday (with all its blues!). That sinking feeling stays till Monday arrives.

hate sunday 6

Cleaning It Up!

Do you leave all the house chores to be done at the end of the week and then dread when Sunday finally arrives – for then all you want to do is chill and stay put in your own mess. Sunday eventually becomes the clean-it-all day because you have no time to clean all the mess in your rooms during the weekdays. But who likes to spend their holidays with a mop and a dust cloth? We sure don’t!

hate sunday 7

Fine Day, Sunday!

Just when you planned to have a chilled out Sunday without a to-do-list, your boss decides to crash your dreams and give you that ‘little’ piece of work to finish. We totally understand that you’re bound to feel like this.

hate sunday 8

The Not-So-Happy Hours

On Sundays, people rush to every bar & restaurant in town that offers ‘Happy Hours’. But that also means there is no parking space at all on Sundays! Not only for nearby eateries but every single place like restaurants, malls and the local markets are jam packed.

hate sunday 9

The Uninvited Guests

They are the ones who bug you during your nap on a pleasant Sunday afternoon. You have to wake up and welcome them even if all you want is a good fiesta!

hate sunday 10

Because You Don’t Remember The Last Night!

Saturday nights are meant for having some fun. We’re sure you love to dance, hang around and share a drink or two with your friends. If you’re a party lover, chances are that your Sunday mornings start a lot like this.

hate sunday 11

And Finally,

Because There’s No More Shaktimaan

If you’re a 90’s kid, this is a lot of nostalgia to handle. Every kid from the 90s used to wait for Sunday to arrive to see Shaktimaan fighting the villains on their TV screens. Those were good days, sigh!

hate sunday 12


hate sunday 13

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