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10 organizing hacks to make the most of small spaces at home

posted by Somya Sood June 29, 2016 0 comments
organizing hacks for small spaces

Stuck with a small, tiny apartment in the big city?? Welcome to life in a metro! While we enjoy the opportunities, nightlife and glitz of living in a big city, we sure have to compromise on living space. We are literally living on top of one another in buildings, thanks to dearth of space. Making the best of this small space can be a challenge. With so many possessions and not enough space to put them in, the house can end up looking messy and disorganized. Worry not. Check out Here are a few organizing hacks for small spaces to help you keep your house presentable, in order and to make it seem roomier than it is.

1) Floating wall shelves

This is the most brilliant piece of interior design invention in centuries. Wall shelves make the most of your walls without taking up any floor space. These are the most ultimate space savers. You can place books, knick knacks, toys and what not in wall shelves and get rid of a lot of clutter without making your space look cramped.

organizing hacks for small space 1

2) Insane in-builts & foldables

Try to get furniture with inbuilt storage space. Beds, sofas, coffee tables and side tables can all be designed to have some storage space. Make clever use of corners and space next to windows by creating a seat with storage or by turning a storage trunk into a seat.

organizing hacks for small space 2

3) Section science

You can store more by simply creating sections in your drawers. This way you don’t have to toss and tumble every item in the drawer to find what you are looking for. Besides being a space saver this #DIY idea is a time saver too. Just use printed paper or cardboard to create the sections and #getorganized in style.

organizing hacks for small space 3

4) Closet craft

Are all the members in your small and lovely family fighting for closet space? Well one simple yet insanely clever thing you can do is use the inside of your closet doors to store more. You can nail iron mesh baskets, shelves made of cardboard or hang organizers made of cloth to store all that’s littered all over your home, making it look shabby.

organizing hacks for small space 4

Check out these clever ways to use hangers. Talk about being super organized!!

organizing hacks for small space 5

5) Don’t sweat the small stuff

Have a lot of small stuff like jewelry, socks, cosmetics that are just all over the place?? Use toilet paper rolls, file holders, ice cube trays to get things in order. Here’s a link to help you get all the small stuff sorted and keep it tidy. Check out how you can store flip flops and shoes in the image below.

organizing hacks for small space 6

6) Side tricks

The sides of your kitchen cabinets can be used for hanging pots, pans, tea cups simply by adding hooks. Isn’t this a clever way to use a surface otherwise always overlooked?

organizing hacks for small space 7

7) Lining up your Linen

Bed linen takes up a lot of space and is hard to organize. You don’t want to pull out all the blankets and bed covers every time you change your bed sheets. One clever idea to organize your bed linen is to use pillow cases to store bed sheets. This way all the items that go together are distinctly stored. And again you save on space and time.

8) Box it right

Check out how boxes have been used to organize objects. You can beautify these boxes and also add #DIY labels to help you remember what is stored where.

organizing hacks for small space 8

9) Web of wires

Unattractive webs of wires from all sorts of chargers are the biggest bane of our technology driven world. Don’t want those ugly, unkempt wires sprouting from every plug point in sight? Here is a small and beautiful #DIY hacks to save the day.

organizing hacks for small space 9

10) Spice Mix

To make the most of the space, you can store your (less used) spices in small containers, showed in the image below.

organizing hacks for small space 10

Also, to help your small space look bigger, use decorative mirrors, sliding doors instead of regular ones and go light on the window treatments to let in natural light.

So, what are you waiting for?? Stop sulking over lack of space and get organized. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much space gets freed up and how your home suddenly gets free of clutter. Hope you make the most of your small but lovely home!! Happy Organizing!!

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