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10 Foolproof Pranks for April Fool’s Day

posted by kraftly April 1, 2016 0 comments

It’s that time of the year when you’d rather make somebody the fool, than be the fool yourself – and everybody is in a race to find out new ways of playing pranks on friends and family. It’s not that easy to find the perfect prank every time, especially when everyone around you is extra careful. But worry not, this year we’ve got you covered with our list of completely foolproof pranks that are safe and absolutely easy and fun to do. So, let’s get started.

April Fool’s Day

Where’s The Lather?

When your target is in the bathroom, that’s exactly what he or she is going to wonder – where’s the lather? Simply paint the soap with a clear nail polish and just wait and watch. 😉

April Fool’s Day 2

Yummy Oreos, Toothpaste Flavoured

All of us have at least one oreo lover around us, then why not fool them with toothpaste-filled-biscuits! Take the cream out of the oreos and fill them with toothpaste, stick them back and let your friend enjoy the treat!

april fool 3

What Happened To My Phone?

This one is our favourite, and it requires minimal effort. Ask your friend for his or her phone – make a reason like you’re looking to buy the same model. Then fiddle around and change their phone’s language to something they can’t read. If you wish to elevate this prank, then set an alarm before changing the language. Hehe – but don’t blame us when they try to kill you 😛

april fool day 4

This Cola Tastes Kinda Funny

Replace your cola-loving friend’s drink with a mixture of lemonade and one or two spoons of soya sauce. It will look exactly like cola and your friend’s reaction will tell you more about the taste!

april fool day 5

Why Can’t I Change The Channel?

Cover the signal sensor on the television or the remote with a tape before your family or friends are going to watch TV. By the way, this prank is most enjoyed when somebody’s favourite series is about to air!

april fool 4

Today’s Menu – Salty Chai

We know how some people can’t live without their chai. Add some salt to it before serving it to them – we bet that the look on their face will be priceless.

april fool day 5

Mint Mayo Toothpaste For Morning Freshness

Here’s another toothpaste prank you’ll love. Refill the toothpaste tube with the weirdest-tasting condiments from your fridge and sit and enjoy!

april fool 6

Mouse Won’t Move

This is the most work-appropriate prank – it requires nothing but a tape or a post-it sticky note. Just stick it on the back of your co-worker’s mouse when he or she goes for the loo break and enjoy.

april fool day 7

You Can’t Even Open A Door

Take out that little magic pot of vaseline and put it on door knobs and jar caps and every other thing your victim would want to open. He or she will have to struggle a lot, that’s for sure.

april fool 8

Milk Just Became Colourful

If you have somebody who likes to eat cereal everyday, then rub some food colour inside their cereal bowl. When they add the milk, they are sure to get shocked by it.

april fool day 9

We hope you’ve found some great and safe ideas to pull out a prank or two on your favourite people. Let us know other great ideas you have in the comments box below – and have lot’s of fun this April Fool’s Day!

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