10 Feel Good Fathers’ Day Stories About Their Best Gifts

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Best Fathers' Day Gift Ideas

Fathers are considered the pillar of the family, the strong walls that don’t tremble at the sight of fear. They are our superheroes, who always come to the rescue, asking for nothing in return. But sometimes, it’s our conscious responsibility and unconditional love that makes us want to return the favour.

So, we decided to salute these great men by taking an account of the best Fathers’ Day stories of 10 fathers and what their reactions were like. Happy Fathers’ Day!

Poetry is a matter of life, not just language

“I still remember distinctly. It was my 50th birthday and celebrations were in motion when my kids surprised me with the most thoughtful gift I could imagine. I’m a poetry enthusiast and have written umpteen poems over the years. I was gifted a book compilation of 50 poems written by me. Every guest present, was given a copy of the book too!” – Sanjeev Bhargava

Father and son 1

But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun

“I’ve never been one for gifts to be honest but this one got me. I grew up listening to the Beatles and made sure my girls did too- so on my 52nd, they gifted me the entire Beatles Collection box set of LP’s. It wasn’t just the material, it was the fundamental sentiment behind the gift because it’s something that ties us together- and hopefully the generations to come.” – Jay Baweja

Fathers Day stories jay baweja

The best stories are found between the pages of a passport

“It was the summer of 2014. July end probably, when I was busy setting up things for my wife and my son as they were about to launch our brand Dermis in the United States. Out of the blue on my daily rack where I keep my watches, pretty unusual to see a big black box with some papers there. To my surprise I saw the shining dial of a gold Movado watch and some papers. I thought the papers would be some general stuff until I saw a virgin Atlantic logo on the corner of the page which when unfolded, was an air ticket to Miami mentioning below, “We love you dad and don’t want you to be left behind”- Mr. Rajan Malik

Fathers Day stories Rajan Malik

It is often the simple gestures that mean the most

“My son got me an amazing card and a souvenir that’s very close to my heart. It’s always a pleasure to receive a gift from your child no matter how big or small the gesture. It makes you realize your kids are growing up and the equation is turning around. It fills your heart with pride and joy. A true learning experience and an extremely pleasurable one.”- Vivek Rishi

Fathers Day stories Vivek Rishi

Gifts have ribbons, not strings

“Every year he used to take money from me to buy me a gift but last time when he didn’t ask for any money, I thought I won’t be getting anything from him. On Father’s Day when I woke up, there he was standing in front of me with a gift-wrapped watch. “Where did he get the money from?” I asked. His first salary from a virtual internship, which he never told anybody about. I had tears in my eyes, my child had become a man!” – Ashish Taneja

Best Fathers Day stories Ashish Taneja

We have a hero, we call him DAD!

“I had been using a blackberry for the longest time and was loathe to get a new phone. So my daughters got together and decided to upgrade their nerdy father. They saved money and paid the down payment for a spanking new Android phone. The EMIs of course have to be paid by me. Alas, there is always a string attached. But I am loving my new phone. Thank you my lovelies!” – Ajay Lamba

Best Fathers Day stories Ajay Lamba

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving

“I am not at all a suits and ties person, but given the fact that I am a Company Secretary by profession, my job requires me to dress formally. The other day, I had a crucial meeting lined up with my board of directors and as I was about to leave for work, I could not find the perfect tie to go with my suit. Just then, my daughter presented me with this stunning tie that was supposed to be my father’s day gift. I was stumped. And needless to say, I got many compliments for the tie.” – Sanjeev Pandey

Best fathers day stories Sanjeev Pandey

The greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper, but in love

“It still feels like yesterday when I bought her, her first Barbie and saw her scream with joy. Today she bought me a pair of running shoes and the feeling is so overwhelming. My little girl is all grown up now. These new shoes are way more comfy than my last pair and I’m going to proudly show them off. Best Fathers-Day gift! Not just because of the shoes, but the realization that beautiful hours move so quickly.” – P.S Rawat

Best fathers day stories P.S Rawat

He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend and protect like a body guard

“Being a non-drinker, I’ve had one of the best wines (Moet & Chandon) which you all have gifted at some point. The wine is so tasteful. I’m really enjoying it, get more than a bottle next time around son. Now, let’s celebrate my 50th birthday with this delicious wine.” – Rahul Vohra

Best Fathers Day Gifts Rahul Vohra

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift

“I opened my medicine box and found a phone in it. I looked for my wife and asked her if she knew about this. She smiled and asked me to open it. As I opened it, I found a heartfelt note from my daughter and how she wants to stay connected with me through technology even when she is away. We clicked this selfie on the phone she gifted me with her savings.” – Ashwani Malhotra

Best Father's Day gifts Ashwani Malhotra

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